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The Perfect Pair of Jeans: Design Your Life to Fit You

Price: $18.95
If you were able to create the perfect pair of jeans, custom designed for you, what would your pattern look like? For your home, what would your blueprint include? And for your life, what plan will you create, so you live it by design and not by default?
For those things that are most important to us, I believe we need to understand what our dreams and passions truly are and how we envision our life to be in the future. We then need to create a plan that has structure yet flexibility, so we accomplish the key goals in our lives that are of greatest value to us. Lastly, when we know what we aspire to and we have a plan to achieve it, then we simply need to live it. Live your life to the fullest, filled with love and passion, gratitude and grace, integrity and honor, and countless moments that are meaningful, extraordinary and memorable. Dream it. Plan it. Live it.