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Tame the Turbulence: Avoid Losing It. Fly Through It. 10 Maneuvers to STOP Stress from Spiraling Out of Control

Price: $14.95

Stress is considered by many experts to be the number one health problem today. In this hectic and chaotic world, we are constantly facing turbulent circumstances and feeling out of control, yet yearning for the ability to live more balanced, productive, and meaningful lives.  The reality is, though, we do have significant control over much of the negative stress we endure. 

Let’s consider experienced pilots for a moment, and what they do when they hit turbulence. Can we employ a pilot's approach to Tame the Turbulence in our daily lives?  Pilots avoid most turbulent air by studying weather reports and information received from other airplanes via the air traffic controller. However, if turbulence appears suddenly, pilots often are able to escape it by climbing to higher altitudes where the air is less rough. So pilots do what they can to avoid turbulence, yet they’re prepared to apply specific maneuvers when they need to fly through it. 

By learning and adopting any or all 10 Maneuvers outlined in this book, you’ll be able to stop stress from spiraling out of control and better prevent, reduce and cope with stressors you encounter. Live a more productive, balanced and meaningful life—one with less stress and greater success. Become the pilot in your life and Tame the Turbulence.  Simply put…Avoid losing it. Fly through it.