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  • HOLY COW! How to Create an Amazing Workplace that Steers Passion, Performance & Prosperity 
  • Tame the Turbulence! Avoid Losing It. Fly Through It.
  • The Perfect Pair of Jeans: Design Your Life to Fit You
  • Conscious Choices: 10 Powerful Strategies to Grab Control & Transform Your Life
  • 260 Moments of Motivation to Make Your Work Week Marvelous! (5-book mini-series; each one designed for a specific weekday)
  • Monday's Motivational Message (mini-book with 52 weeks of motivational messages; one for every Monday for a year)


  • "Imagine the Possibilities!" (32-minute keynote presentation featuring Tracy Butz in action!)
  • "The Power of Personal Choice” (4-minute motivational movie of inspirational quotes and beautiful images accompanied by an uplifting melody)



Interactive online courseware designed with dynamic content, including videos, audio explanations, pictures/illustrations, applicable examples, demonstrations, and collaborative question/response cues. This professional and intuitive tool makes virtual learning easy to maneuver and fun to engage in, while offering content-rich courseware.  Available courses include:

  • Candid Conversations that Drive Results
  • Mastering the Art of Small Talk
  • Inspiring Creativity & Innovation
  • Resilience: The Courage to Come Back
  • Emotional Intelligence: Managing Emotions to Enhance Performance
  • Clear, Concise & Confident Communication
  • Resolving Conflict Effectively: Collaborate More. React Less.
  • Enhancing Group Dynamics in Meetings 



Enjoy a sweet reward for engaging in respectful, candid dialogue. 

  1. Reward yourself for a job well done OR
  2. Show appreciation to others for their candor.

When you engage in candid dialogue, you're sharing a message to help the other person improve or excel...a true gift that should be celebrated. 

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